Eco-Friendly Bathtub Refinishing

Our exclusive eco-friendly bathtub refinishing. This is the new way to resurface a bathtub it is odorless and it is poured on not sprayed. So no need for bulky equipment and dust all over the house and AGAIN NO SMELL. The biggest problem with conventional refinishing is the dust and  smell.  This is a much better option it's an eco-friendly hybrid Coating that is designed to take the everyday abuse that a bathtub takes.  It's chip resistant and stain resistant  And it's fast cure times (24-48hrs depending on season) gets your bathtub back in service Quick.


Our Eco-Friendly Process

Step 1: Remove the overflow cover and remove old caulking

Step 2: We then thoroughly clean the bathtub to dull the surface

Step 3: mask off around the bathtub with masking paper and tape

Step 4: Repair any chips dings or pitting with a filler to smooth any damage

Step 5: We are now ready to start pouring our odorless coating onto the surface

When the process is done you must wait 24-48 hours before putting it back into service

Our technician will advise on dry time at time of service It Depends on the temperature outside